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Version: 4.0.8

Getting started

Get the Debian packages from the repository. See the installation guide for more details, then return here.

This quick-start will make some assumptions:

  1. You want to quickly setup SaunaFS to test it.
  2. You have a single machine to set it up.

The minimal setup required is a master server, a chunkserver and a client. We will set it up on a single machine. However note that this setup is NOT SUPPORTED, this is purely for testing it quickly with little effort. In actuality, you probably want a different setup, with master, client and chunkserver(s) on their own dedicated machines. Still, this guide should help you get an idea how to get started with your own setup. The admininstration guide and man pages will have more details.

Note that currently SaunaFS servers don't work on localhost (this might be changed in the future), so you’ll need to do some network setup if you are planning on running both master and chunkserver on the same network address. This will be covered in the guide, however it can also useful for developers for setting up local testing environments.